Why Vacation Ownership

Vacations Make You Happier

It’s no surprise that people are more content when on vacation. What may be surprising is that people who vacation more often are more satisfied with their lives than those who don’t. They also enjoy their jobs more, have better marriages and fewer health problems. The correlation is simple – the more you vacation, the happier you’ll be.

Vacation More Affordably

The average cost to vacation in the United States has been climbing steadily to an all-time high of nearly $4,600 for a family of four. Timeshare ownership provides a way for your family to vacation more often – and more affordably – for a lifetime.

Vacation Your Way

With a timeshare ownership, you have a range of options to vacation as you wish – when you wish. You can exchange to over 4,000 resorts worldwide with Resort Condominium International (RCI), or you can come back here year after year and choose to exchange after that. Whether you exchange exclusively or come here exclusively, your opportunities are nearly limitless. With floating ownership, you can add flexible reservation dates to plan the retreat that’s best for you.


Be advised that there are numerous companies and individuals who may represent that they have a buyer for your timeshare week but need a deposit or closing costs first. If you receive such a call or are doubtful about a call’s authenticity, please call our corporate office at (941) 778-6667 and ask to speak to our member support specialist.

A call to us can save you a great deal of time and money!

Recently,  we have received calls from several people in different States stating that they have sent advance fees to individuals who have fraudulently used our company’s name, Vacation Property Management Inc. relative to selling their timeshares. They refer to these fees as closing costs…etc. and they insist these fees must be paid IN ADVANCE…(NEVER DO THIS). They further report that these individuals will only accept a wire transfer, no checks or credit cards that can be cancelled by the remitter.  NO legitimate company, in our opinion, would ever do this and certainly we would never conduct business in such a manner. Call if you have any doubt about a solicitation for resale. We are working with the appropriate law enforcement authorities to bring these people to Justice.

And finally, as the old saying goes “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”. Common sense would dictate that the only person that would ever call you with an offer to purchase your timeshare is the licensed real estate agent who has an active listing on your property… Whether you want to sell your timeshare, trade your timeshare or transfer your timeshare, be Diligent, be careful and call us first… Our advice is FREE